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Dec 06, 2023

DNS load balancing for External Websites


We currently manage an F5 DNS with a delegation for * Our external websites, namely and, are hosted on F5 LTM, and their respective IPs are provided in the GoDaddy DNS.

We are exploring the possibility of directing traffic for these websites to our F5 GTM, which would then distribute the traffic to either data center 1 or data center 2 based on pool availability.

Is it feasible to achieve this configuration through F5 GTM, or is it a configuration that needs to be addressed directly through GoDaddy? Thank you for your guidance on this matter.

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  • actually that's common use case for f5 dns/gtm.

    a. ask godaddy to set f5 dns public IP as NS for ffff/, OR
    b. add A records for f5 dns hostname in godaddy. then replace A record of ffff/ with CNAME/alias to that f5 gtm hostname.

    ip address you put in godaddy surely must be public ip.
    this public ip can be put in upfront network firewall that will NAT it to f5 private ip addresses.

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      Okay, seems like a way, 

      I will add NS record for a .org website of F5 GTM DNS listener. and allow firewall for that IP to listen externally on port 53. Then it will technically hit F5 GTM for name resolution and provide the IP based on the wide pool right? 

      What would be the host I need to configured on the F5 GTM wide IP name? is that or pretty will be enough. 

  • Minor notes:
    The GTM/DNS modules is an intellegent dns resolver, it is never in line.   It provides an answer to a dns question.  i.e. - what is the IP address of

    - if your websites are configured using the first level domain   and   you will have to delegate the zone to the GTM.   If you are using a 2nd level domain,   and you can easily change the A record for them  to the cname with the delgation.

    This is less of a "f5" question and more of a proper DNS architecture problem.   What f5 introduces is the abiliy to monitor and provide HA based upon a tested condtion.

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      Understand, So I do required a deligation? 

      Example: is hosted on GoDaddy point to

      My 2 virtual myapps servers are and In go daddy I can only provide one IP so There in the CNAME or NS feild under I need to configure my GTM Listerner IP or Hostname? 

      its first level domain. Do I need to create a new Zone/Deligation in GTM or in my Internal DNS to listen on Internal dns and send to GTM? but it will change the URL to 

      so pointing directly to the GTM wont work ? 


      appreciate the help 🙂