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Dec 11, 2006

DNS Hostname Parsing iRule




I wanted to post a set of iRule code that I and a couple co-workers have been working on. The intent here is to share some code in case someone else can benefit from it.



My company uses a LTM to front a couple different sets of DNS servers. The below iRule is applied to a UDP/53 virtual server on the LTM. The iRule parses the hostname on the incoming DNS query and can then be used for any number of different things, such as forwarding the DNS query to one pool or another depending on the hostname that is being looked up by the client.



The original code for this iRule was based on a couple similar postings that were found on DevCentral. The main problem I ran into when trying to use the iRule code from the original postings was that the hostname would not always be returned with the periods in the FQDN in the proper space. This problem was mainly found when a hostname used 8 characters in one of the sections of the FQDN. The problem is that the number "8" is returned as a backspace character in binary and I would thus lose a character in the final output of the FQDN.



Sorry if the below iRule is somewhat improperly formatted due to the width restrictions of the input screen while I post this message. I have attached an ASCII version of the iRule so folks can review the original formatting if required. The sample code is as follows:








extract QNAME from QUESTION header


$i is a sanity check so this logic won't spin on invalid QNAMEs


set i 0



initialize our position in the QNAME parsing and the text QNAME


set offset 12


set length 1


set endlength 1


set name ""



/extract QNAME from QUESTION header


while {$length > 0 && $i < 10} {


length contains the first part length


binary scan [string range [UDP::payload] $offset $offset]] c foo


make the length an unsigned integer


set length [expr $foo & 0xff]



if {$length > 0}




grab a part and put it in our text QNAME section


append name [string range [UDP::payload] [expr $offset + 1] [expr $offset + $length]]



Watch the DNS QNAME get built during the loop. Remove the following line for production use.


log "BUILDING DNS NAME: [IP::client_addr] queried $name offset $offset length $length"



grab a part and put it in our text QNAME section


set offset [expr $offset + $length +1]



endlength contains the Last part length


binary scan [string range [UDP::payload] $offset $offset]] c foo


make the length an unsigned integer


set endlength [expr $foo & 0xff]



if { $endlength > 0} {


put a dot between parts like a normal DNS name


append name "." }



incr i






/extract QNAME from QUESTION header



Input the required action here, where "$name" is the variable that is reviewed for decision making.


Sample action would be a pool statement. The below log statement should be removed for production use.



log "FINAL DNS NAME: [IP::client_addr] queried $name"






Hope this material can be of benefit to someone. Thanks to the original posters for their hard work. The above code is simply a fine tuning of their original material.

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  • Thanks for the effort, and for building community! Could you post to the codeshare section of DevCentral?



    For the URL, Click here



    Again, thanks for your contribution!