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Mar 21, 2012

DNS configuration with BIG-IP LTM Help!!!!

Hello All.



I need to configure a BIG-IP 3600 to balance 3 DNS servers and i have several doubts, please can you help me ?



- My network has more than 400.000 DNS querys per second, as i understand for platforms with high load the best practice is to use Stateless UDP with nPath Routing


- If i use Stateless UDP with nPath Routing, i will be need to configure the virtual server ip on the loopback interface of each node and that confuse me because:


- i think i need 4 virtual servers:


- (1) VIrtual Server primary DNS UDP


- (2) Virtual Server primary DNS TCP


- (1) VIrtual Server secondary DNS UDP


- (2) Virtual Server secondary DNS TCP



Wich virtual server ip do i put on the loopback interface of the nodes



Or i am totally wrong ?



Your suggestion will be very much appreciated


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  • Hi Eriks,



    I haven't tested this, but I would guess that you could configure both virtual server IPs on the loopback and the server would respond back with the IP it received the connection for. If that doesn't work, can you reply back? Or if it does work can you confirm here?



    You should be in the region of performance for the 3600 if you use a stateless virtual server for this. It might be a little tight though. I would definitely try to do perf testing of the configuration before putting it under that full load in production.



    Thanks, Aaron