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Jan 03, 2012

DNS Blackhole Routing with iRules

I'm really intrigued by the recent DevCentral post about DNS blackhole routing. However the solution is based on a DNS server being serviced by a LTM virtual server.



My setup utilizes a DNS server physically in-line behind a GTM. The server runs OSPF and has a neighborship with the router on the other side of the GTM. The DNS IP is advertised from the server while the GTM has a listener configured to intercept any wideIP's it owns. Obviously we don't utilize a virtual server where we could place the iRule.



Any ideas what I could do to implement such a feature? I know our IS guys would love it....



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  • For others' reference, Jason answered you in the article comments:






    > This is very cool. But my setup is different. My DNS server sits physically in-line behind a GTM. The DNS IP address is being advertised from the server via OSPF. In that instance, would I be able to apply the iRule to the WideIP?



    < Sure thing, only it needs to be applied to the wideIP's virtual server, not the wideIP itself. The GTM setup is here:



    > I did look for that but i don't have a virtual servers section under "local traffic" on my GTM. I am running 10.2, maybe that is why? I do realize I'll need to upgrade for this to work, by the way :)



    < With GTM license these abilities will be in place when you upgrade. I will update the article to note that at a minimum the DNS Services module is required for LTM-only solution to work.




  • Yes he did, I appreciate that. From my understanding, once we upgrade the GTM to v11, we will have a virtual server created automatically for the listener at which point we can apply the iRule.