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Apr 07, 2024

DNS big3d timeouts from one BIG-IP device

Hello Guys, 

I have an issue adding self-ip of Ltm of different partition to GTM

we have LTM that consist different partitions

On LTM First partion has already been integrated to GTM which works perfectly fine 

But whenever I added self-ip of Second partition to  Object Sever of the same LTM on GTM  

The Virtual Server of the First Partition becomes offline while Virtual Server of the Second becomes Offline.

Once I remove the Self-IP of the Second Partition the VS of the First back online. 


I ran show gtm iquery it shows connected for both self-ips but Virtual Server of the First Partition becomes offline. with big3d timeout error message. 


I am thinking of creating another server object for the second partition thinking it might work Kindly advice.

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