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Nov 04, 2010

Discover config differences in cluster

Our 3600s running BIG-IP 10.2.0 Build 1707 have somehow gotten out of sync, with changes being made to the wrong host. Before I bring them back into sync I want to try and discover what changed on each one and get it manually duplicated across the cluster. Is there a way to compare the config differences?


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    There might be a better or cleaner way to do this but in the past I've copied the bigip.conf and bigip_base.conf files off box and run Windiff on them to highlight the differences. There will be some required differences, self ips etc but it could be a good start.



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    Hi Eric,



    The Self-IPs and all the unit specific configuration elements are housed in bigip_base.conf. The bigip.conf should be the same on both units. I would do exactly what nathan said and diff them until you find all the changes.