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May 09, 2011





Disable-F5.LTMPoolMember -Pool blogs -Member






Disable-F5.LTMPoolMember : Exception caught in LocalLB::urn:iControl:LocalLB/PoolMember::set_session_enabled_state()


Exception: Common::OperationFailed


primary_error_code : 16908342 (0x01020036)


secondary_error_code : 0


error_string : 01020036:3: The requested pool member (blogs http) was not found.


At line:1 char:25


+ Disable-F5.LTMPoolMember <<<< -Pool blogs -Member


+ CategoryInfo : OpenError: (error:String) [Disable-F5.LTMPoolMember], SoapHeaderException


+ FullyQualifiedErrorId : 2,iControlSnapIn.CmdLet.LTM.PoolMember.DisableLTMPoolMember



can anyone help me in what I am doing wrong?



All I am trying to do is disable a pool member, if there is a diffrent way of doing this pleas let me know.




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  • I use the PowerShell below that is used in conjunction with the iControlSnapIn. I just pass the IP for the F5, the user and the password in the command line. You could also pass the IP of the node and the port to take offline, but in my case it is static.



    To re-enable a node set state to Enabled. Valid states are Enabled, Disabled, and Offline.




    Command line


    C:\Program Files\F5 Networks\iControlSnapIn>powershell -command .\SwsCXPOffline.ps1 F5 Usr Pw



    param (


    $bigip = $null,


    $user = $null,


    $pass = $null





    Add-PSSnapIn iControlSnapIn


    Initialize-F5.iControl -Hostname $bigip -Username $user -Password $pass


    Set-F5.LTMPoolMemberState -Pool ClientEXP -Member IP:Port -State offline