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Nov 12, 2020

disable disable TLS extended master secret extensions on the SSL



I would like to disable the option TLS extended master secret extensions over profile SSL at my Bigip 14.1.28.

I am unable to execute the command recommend by the link below :

modify /sys db tmm.ssl.extmsenabled false



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  • Hi, I just want to double check, did you run this command in Traffic Management Shell - tmsh? As if you tried to run this directly in Linux Shell (bash), it won't work. You have to either run the entire command from bash:


    tmsh modify /sys db tmm.ssl.extmsenabled false


    Or you have first type tmsh, to enter the TMM shell and then type your command:


    modify /sys db tmm.ssl.extmsenabled false


    Here is a link, with more details: