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Mar 14, 2023

disable autocomplete when user login to APM logon page

Hi, for quite some time, I've been trying to figure out how to disable the option to save and auto-complete user credentials for those who log in to the APM login page. I've seen some articles on Stack Overflow and such, and this option is somewhat of a mystery, as I see it. From what I've read, the way to do it is to modify the file in the APM itself and ensure that there is a line "autocomplete='off'." I've checked the file myself, and all seems fine as described, but still, when I try to log in to a webtop, the option to save my username and password is still popping up. Any tips on the matter? Is it still possible? By the way, we are running version

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  • Hi eran - apologies for not replying sooner, since it looks like you're still waiting on some help. Tagging my colleague Lucas_Thompson because I think that he may be able to help with your issue. 


  • This issue, as you probably saw, is kind of a cat-and-mouse game between web app operators and browser makers. Web app operators often want to block this autocomplete and browser operators always want it to work regardless of what the site wants. See this Stack Overflow thread for a discussion on this topic:

    In the past I've had luck moving the forms around, adding hidden inputs between Login and Password, and other weird tricks to confuse the browser, but ultimately the most secure solution to avoid auto-fill-in is to use some kind of OTP or smart card login.