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Dec 03, 2020

Different Route's for Different Subnets on the same partition

Hi Guys,


When someone set up our F5 they created multiple partitions for different segments.


We are trying to reconfigure the F5 to all everything running from the common partition.


We currently have our public wifi authentication happening via the F5 on a subnet 167.98.X.X/28.


That is working fine because we have a route with to the correct gateway.


I also want to create VS with the subnet 10.205.1.X/24


Now we have the self ip's in place, and the Vlans are in the same route domain (0).


The issue I am facing is I can get to the back end of the VS, however if I remove the default route for the public wifi and add the gateway for the 10.205.1.x network I can then access that but not the public Wi-Fi.


Can anyone help or provide a suggestion as to how I can get both subnets working on the same partition?

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  • Hi,


    You could use route domains to solve this (and combine partitions and route domains).





  • I have created two different route domains, however this does not work.


    This is due to having one default gateway configured and the second subnet doesn't which means one network is still inaccessible?

  • I tried doing this do you mean by adding %1 for example on the gateway? I tried this and the VS still wouldn't work however if I create a different partition with a default gateway it works in that partition.

  • That partition is adding the route domain ID automatic. Did you add the %1 to the destination??

  • So you are correct it does it when I add a partition but what I really want is two different subnets working from the common partition.


    When I try to have two subnets working from the common partition the only subnet that works is the one with the default gateway configured, how can I get them both working?


    Don't I need to add a gateway for both?


  • Hi Kees,


    Thank you again for your reply.


    I am not sure I quite follow, do you mean add a route for the nodes which will be used instead of the virtual server subnet so for example.


    The virtual server will use 10.205.1.x/24


    But the node subnet could be for example 10.110.50.x/24


    Are you saying I create a route for the 10.110.50.x subnet instead ?