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Jul 17, 2018

Device Service Clustering (vCMP guests not failing over when physical vCMP host interface fails)



Today we have the following physical setup for two 5250v F5s that we are using as vCMP host for 5 vCMP guests in each of them. These vCMP guest are configured in an HA pair using Device Service Clustering with load aware. They are homogeneous. Last week we had failover tests in the Data Center and brought down manually the physical interfaces from the switch side that are members of Port-Channel107 shown in the picture and the fail-over did not occur. While in the vCMP host we noticed the the port status changed to down in the physical interface, this was not passed over to the vCMP guests and that is what I am assuming was the cause of the failing over not happening. We did see all the VIPs, Nodes, Pools going down on the active unit but the failover was not triggered and cause all the applications to fail.




-Is the expected behavior not to pass the status of the physical interfaces in the vCMP host to the vCMP guests?


-Is there something that I am missing in my current configuration that is causing these vCMP guests not to fail-over when the physical interfaces in the vCMP host fail?


-Do I need to use HA groups to monitor the trunks instead of load aware for the fail-over to be triggered?