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Apr 21, 2011

Destination address affinity

If a connection is redirected by Apache mod_rewrite to an alternative location also managed by the same LTM, can destination address affinity persistence, if enabled, maintain stickiness from clients to the virtual server of the redirected location? If so how to configure and verify such feature.








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  • i don't think destination address affinity persistence is the one u need.



    Destination address afinity persistence section




    not sure what u r looking for. is match across option applicable?



    sol5837: Match Across options for session persistence




  • You can use Universal Persistence. You should be able to achieve persistence based on the HTTP request/response headers.
  • Thanks for the replies. What I am looking for is to find out if LTM can establish stickiness to the redirected destination (also managed by the same LTM) by mod_rewrite. The Universal persistence looks interesting however it seems to add complexity in managing individual iRule and session id, especially for an environment with large pool counts. Wondering if there are other options available.


  • If your environment will allow it.. I would sugest controlling all the url manipulation at your LTM.. Apache uses regular expressions to manipulate those urls... not only is that not as flexible as irules/TCL, its very taxing on your server.. Aditionally, it will make it easier to maintain persistence.