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Aug 16, 2011

Deployment guide for BIG-IP System v10 with Oracle’s BEA WebLogic

This deployment guide doesn't take into account the WL plugin. The diagram and parameters in the doc illustrates F5 to WL only, and not F5 > IIS/Apache plugin > WL. Is this a recommended solution for WL applications in a non WL clustered environment. Currently we have F5 offloading SSL and sends requests to IIS/WL plugin in the DMZ then sends requests to non WL clustered servers.

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  • With BIG-IP, the middle IIS/Apache plugin layer is not needed. Since LTM is a full HTTP proxy, it serves the same purpose as IIS or Apache. Additionally, you can use the JSessionID persistence iRule linked to below to persist client connections to the back-end WL servers based on the JSessionID instead of using our (normally recommended) Cookie persistence. This will work with both clustered and non-clustered WL setup.