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Jun 29, 2011

Deploying Microsoft Project Server 2010

Are there any deployment or configuration guides for properly deploying Microsoft Project Server 2010 on the BIG-IP LTM? I've searched and can't find anything at all.



If anyone has some or a link to anything, that would be greatly appreciated!








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    Hey Rick....



    There isn't a deployment guide for Project Server yet, but the since Project Server uses the SharePoint engine the solution should be the same for Project & SharePoint. The SharePoint deployment guides are linked to from




    I have deployed BIG-IP LTM in front of Project Server before, and if I remember correctly, the BIG-IP configuration did not differ from the typical SharePoint config.



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    Awesome! Thanks Ryan. That's the gist I was getting, but wasn't too sure if it would be the same or not. Thanks for the help!