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Jan 12, 2023

My Holiday Project

I had two weeks off finally after two years. When I mean off, I mean it. No responsibilities except to feed, clothe and entertain myself and our ridgeback labrador "Timmy" who clocks in at 50kg. Since we are saving for a house and family went to Europe for a month I find myself a temporary bachelor with little means. Yet I somehow still manage to spend. It is far too easy in Sydney, Australia so putting a brake on that was a priority as much as decompressing from work. I had even stopped gaming for six months to focus on work and family. I decided I am going to shut down the higher brain functions and just focus on the simple. Give my head a rest. So domestic, gardening, sleeping just simple chores.

I thought about going somewhere, like a deserted island with no reception but they were all booked out come December and getting a dog anywhere is problematic to say the least. In the end I just retired... to our master bedroom. Now this might seem a strange place to be but then I dont have space for a theatre. So its reasonably well organised.

Being a technical junkie there is a U6-PRO on the wall above the G1 OLED. Below which is a IKEA cupboard assembled purely to hold the Q990B soundbar (Xmas present), an Apple TV4K, a Fetch Mini and the glorious PlayStation 5 (PS5). The soundbar has a subwoofer running at %25 (its a bedroom after all 🙂 and two wireless satellite speakers that each contain three speakers firing in different directions. Together it provides 11.4.1 auto sound field monitoring/configuration. Lets just say Horizon Forbidden West on the PS5 sounds incredible let alone DTS and Dobly soundtracks from Netflix, Prime, Disney and Paramount. Being the one room its more efficient to cool than the entire house as well. 

But I needed something to occupy my time, to tick the mind over but not tax it. I couldn't play any games until the last four days as it took that long to wind down after all the Xmas activities and I really didnt want to do much more than stare at a screen, the wall or to sleep which I did quite a lot of. It was a lovely rest break I have to say and I managed to find something to bide my time. The outcome of my holiday hobby is below and I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did making it. It took about 3 days of actual effort, 300 build steps and 1222 pieces to complete.
If you zoom in the figure next to the right leg is a normal size Lego person. 


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