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Jan 18, 2023

Dell Wyse Clients v9.2.X unable to connect to VDI environment with PCoIP

Hello community,

I'd really appreciate some guidance here.

After upgrading the software version on our BIG-IP from v14 to v15, we observed that some versions of our Dell Wyse clients are no longer able to launch desktops via PCoIP but Blast works fine. We did not have this problem when the appliance was running on v14 and as a confirmation we had to deploy a virtual F5 appliance for those affected Wyse clients to work.
In addition, regular PCs running the VMWare Horizon client are able to connect through the F5 on PCoIP and Blast through the same virtual server on the same F5 appliance

Does anyone have any insight or pointers on what might be happening? I'm happy to provide any additional information.

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  • Do you have a support contract? If so please open a case with F5 support, they have a bigger internal knowledge base to go through and can do remote session(s) with you to dive into the issue.

  • Hi Olayinka-F5LB  - I see nobody from the community has dropped in to answer your thread, so I'm trying to find a colleague who may be able to help. 

  • Hi Olayinka-F5LB do you know if PCoIP works from other thin clients or desktop client? Is this just affect the Wyse clients?

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      It works for the desktop clients. Only the Wyse clients have this PCoIP issue.