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Oct 05, 2011

delay before irules updated !




I'm currently working with a BigIP 6900 BIG-IP 10.2.1 Build 496.0 Hotfix HF2. I've noticed quite often that when I'm modifying an IRule which is quite loaded by trafic, I've to wait few minutes before having my changes taken in account !




It seems that there is some cache on the TMM modules (4 modules) and it needs to complete its queue before taking my changes.. it is just an impression I'm sure it is not the reason...






Do you know how to force the appliance to reload Irules and take immediatly the changes, with a b load command it does not have any effect... Do I have to restart some jobs ?




Thank you for your help,










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  • Hi Nicolas,



    Yes this is an expected behavior. When a connection is established the iRules are initialized for the lifetime of that users connection. You would need to reset all of the connections to that Virtual Server in order to force the usage of the updated iRule immediately.



    You should be able to use the b conn command to reset the active connections if that is an option for you.



    For more detailed information there was a previous post describing the same issue that you are having:




    Hope this helps.