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Another Update (Jun 19)

I just finished validating some changes you have asked for:

  • logging in from any particular page will now <gasp> bring you back to that page after login.
  • we auto-expanded the "show more" links in Questions and Article comments with an idea from one of our MVP's @Kai Wilke
  • we fixed a handful of broken navigation links
  • we resolved issues with the Print and Download buttons
  • we fixed some remaining Mobile experience issues with some static pages.
  • we made some changes to the way articles are created (code style bugs and attachments)

---and there is still more to come in the form of updates to the way search results behave and login procedures.

Thanks for all the constructive feedback;

Quick update (Jun 13)

Last night we pushed several front/back-end fixes and features.

The team has been consuming all community feedback, arranging and prioritizing actions, specifying changes, and doing what we can to make meaningful improvements. Our updates are iterative; there is more to come.

Last night we fixed issues some members were facing around Posting questions, uploading Codeshare files, dead links in Notifications, Asking questions from Topic pages, formatting new and old article components (bold/images), and partial data migrations during account merges.

Outside of that we made a raft of updates to the mobile experience on several pages including the home page, topics, and most of the remaining secondary pages. (Search results remain a notable exception; on it's way).


Still to come

Updates to the registration and login process, link-redirect after login, search-results enhancements (mobile UX and open-in-new-tab functionality), and backing off the persistent “show more” button in Questions are coming in the next few days and weeks.

We continue to dedicate ourselves to improving stability, features, and communication related to your community site. Thanks for the continuing feedback; the positive and the negative continues to inform our days/weeks/months. Look for another update mid-late next week when we have more news.

Published Jun 13, 2019
Version 1.0

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  • Now thats what great update means..Thank you so much for sharing..Keep us updated

  • where do we send this "constructive feedback" . . i dont see any options to do so being shared

  • Good question  - at the bottom of every page - in the blue footer there is a contact us link where you can provide feedback. Further, there is a Feedback button on the lower-right side of each page (*might be blocked by some browser extensions).

    That will also work.