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Jan 21, 2024

Define VM Network for Virtual F5

Hello All, 

How can I define the VM network on a ESXi for a new virtual F5. Suppose, I have built a new virtual F5 with 3 interfaces/SelfIPs, now I need to tag those VLANs on VM as as well. Do I need to create three seprate VM NIC or one VM NIC with truck capability? 



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  • No.....Yes.....
    depend on your local routing environment - and what you are trying to accomplish.

    I have HA pairs of  f5's with multiple DMZ vlans into 1 interface, and on the same box have multiple vlans providing layer 2 adjacency on a 2nd interface - with mgmt on a 3rd interface.

    So long as vmware interface that is presented to the f5 instance, matchs the vlans per interface you are good.

    if you dont need layer 2 adjacency - and normal routing allows access to the backends - you might not need the extra vlans on the f5 and or vmware.

  • Thanks, I was able to fix the issue. It was at ESXi virtual switch, tagged VLAN was swapped between the interfaces.