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Feb 11, 2021

CVE-2020-13817, is 14.1.3 vulnerable


Looking at K55376430, it says that vulnerable versions 14.x branch is 14.1.0 - 14.1.2, but doesn't say its fixed on 14.1.3

Could it be just a typo error on the documentation? Otherwise, how do I interpret this?




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  • I've asked for a clarification and I'll post back when I hear something. I can understand the confusion. Since 14.1.3 is out, is the table not yet updated, or was it never vulnerable and therefore didn't require a fix? Either way, I think it warrants attention, thanks for asking.

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      Hi Joanne, 14.1.3 is vulnerable as well, the fix will be in 14.1.4 when it is made available. The solution will be updated to reflect that, but I am not sure what their release schedule is.