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Nov 07, 2011

Customozing APM logon page for Exchange 2010

I'd like to add text as well as a link to various help pages on the F5 APM logon page. I am aware of the simple field description changes that can be made to the logon page but I need access to the actual configuration files that can be customized. I'm running version 11 with iApps. Any help would be much appreciated.

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  • All the configuration files for APM can be accessed via GUI in APM v11 - just go to Access Policy->Customizations. You'd want to switch to View->Advanced to view the actual code that you want to modify.
  • MK, is there a document explaining how to add custom files under Access Policy->Customizations? the default structure of the APM login page is very complex and i can not find an easy way to add in my own files



  • I'm looking for similar information. I need to understand how to add checkboxes for a user to specify using OWA Light and to initiate a password change in Windows AD (not the same as the user being notified that their password is expiring).
  • Hi John Meggers,



    I just went through the steps and got my APM logon page to give me the same options as the OWA front page (ie public or private computer and if I want to use the light version). I am submitting it as a tech tip article and as soon as they publish it I will provide the link.





    Seth Cooper