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Apr 29, 2015

Customized login page incorrectly replacing F5 variables

I have a customized footer that includes a few JavaScript variables to be used by some custom JS on the front-end, but when the is inserted into the page, the code is pretty mangled. I've searched for anyone else mentioning this issue without any success.



Here is the footer file:




Here is what shows up on the page:





Any ideas on what is causing this? Is it my code, or is this something that F5 needs to investigate?


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  • Hi,


    I added this code to my test policy and I am able to see everything render correctly when I hit the logon page. Can you reapply the policy and see if that helps?


    Just to make sure we are talking the same thing you have added this code to your in the APM customization section?






  • Thanks for the reply, Seth! Unfortunately, I have applied this code to my in the APM customization multiple times with no luck. However, I started poking around and I believe I may have a workaround for this issue. What I've done is create the variables in PHP and then let the PHP parser insert the values instead of the F5 parser. For some reason, F5 is able to play nicely with that setup. Here's how I ended up:




    It's pretty hokey, but it seems to work! I'll continue testing and update this post as the fix if everything looks good.


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      I've been challenged by this for a long time. As support described it to me these pages are delivered in two phases. First the PHP process runs and this output is piped to APM where it performs a find and replace on the %{} syntax.