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May 23, 2012

Curosious traffic pool member state

Hi all,



Today I have a curosious state in a pool member, I did test probe and when in a time for drop the active connections in a pool member I delete it, the traffic and active session continue working with the pool member deleted!



Please anyone confirm if it is possible or is a bug error in the firmware.



Appliance is 6400 and BIGIP version is 10.2.2 HF3


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  • Hello Andres,



    I never heard or seen that happen, but usually I would recommend forcing the pool member offline and ensure no active connections exists and if needed bring down the application port so any remaining active /persisted connections will be dropped. I am running 10.2.3 HF1
  • Hi Andres,


    There is a bit of confusion in what you have explained .... so what I have understood from you is that you initiated a connection it went to a pool member and the connection was active then you deleted the pool member so there was no member in the pool but still you connection was working.... it will continue to work till ur already opened active connection was not closed. After you have deleted the member from the pool any further comming connection will not work as there are no member in the pool. Try this and update...