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Nov 23, 2023

Creating device trust / trust-domain through iControl REST Call(s)

Hey there Currently I try to implement basic configuration through iControl REST calls. A personal deadend is building a device trust. The API tells me how to do that:
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    Nov 28, 2023


    I don't use Postman (I use cURL instead).

    You just need to send a REST API call to BIG-IP 1 to add the peer unit (BIGIP-2) to the existing root trust domain:

    curl -sk -u <ADMIN USERNAME>:<ADMIN PASSWORD> -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X PATCH -d \
    '{"addDevice":{"deviceIp":"<BIGIP-2 MGMT IP ADDRESS>","deviceName":"<BIGIP-2 HOSTNAME>","username":"<ADMIN USERNAME>","password":"<ADMIN PASSWORD>"}}' \
    https://<BIGIP-1 MGMT IP>/mgmt/tm/cm/trust-domain/Root