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Jun 20, 2011

Creating a new VLAN error



I'm new to F5 so forgive me if this question is silly.



I'm trying to create a new VLAN on our LTM. When i click the finish button, i get the following error:



01020066:3: The Requested VLAN (Hosting-1) already exists in partition Hosting.



I can't see where a VLAN or partition called 'Hosting' is configured anywhere on the LTM.



Any thoughts?







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  • can u try this?



    grep -i "hosting-1" /config/*.conf
  • Hi Luca,


    Have you tried creating the VLAN with a different name? what is the name you are suggesting for the VLAN as per your above postign you are creating the vlan with name Hosting-1. Try some other name or give the details of how you are trying to create VLAN.
  • It might be in a different admin partition than you have access to. Grepping for the VLAN name in the conf files from the command line like Nitass suggested should help you find it.



  • Yep i have sorted it out.... It was in a different partition.