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May 31, 2012

Create Volume HD1.2 -Deleted accidentally-

Hi there,


I'd like you say to me how could I re-create the volume HD1.2 that I've delete accidentally, It's possible to do this, I don't find the procedure in the manual.



I've BIGIP-VE 11.1.x



Thanks a lot of.


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  • Hi Ivan,



    You can install a new operating system instance for a slot, but there isn't a way to recover the original one. To do this, navigate to:



    System | Software Management


    Click on the OS version you want to install


    Select the slot you want to install the OS on and click Install



  • Hi Ivan,


    If I am not wrong what you are trying to ask is that how can you create the volume and you are running version 11.1.... In version 10.x.x there was a tab in GUI for Volume management which is missing in Version 11.1 so the only way you may create the new volume is from the command line or If you still have a ver 10.x.x running in any of the volume you may boot into it and create the volume from command line.







  • Hi Ivan,


    I believe below link is the answer of ur query