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Nov 08, 2018

Create Persist Record using iRule



I would like to use VIP-Targeting-VIP after loadbalacing decision in conjuntion with Single Node Persistence (


To do so, I'm using this code.



     Create persist-record to use it for future loadbalancing decisions
    persist add uie [virtual name]

     Perform VIP-Targeting-VIP base on the previous LB selection
    switch [LB::server port] {
        "1001" {
            LB::reselect virtual VS-Test_1001
        "1002" {
            LB::reselect virtual VS-Test_1002

After execution, two persist entries are created


 tmsh show ltm persist persist-records | grep universal
universal  /Common/VS-Test_1000  (tmm: 2)
universal  /Common/VS-Test_1000  (tmm: 1)

But an error occurs


$ curl
curl: (56) Recv failure: Connection reset by peer

Checking LTM log file I see this message.


Nov  8 13:32:18 F5-BigIP err tmm[13383]: 01220001:3: TCL error: /Common/Rule_VS-2-VS  - Prerequisite operation not in progress (line 2) (line 2)     invoked from within "persist add uie [virtual name]"

Do you know what the reason could be? Thanks.


KR, Dario.