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Dec 09, 2023

Create isolated environment for internal and external networks

Hi, I have implementation requirement to isolate traffic between internal and external environments, so I should create dedictaed virtual servers for internal access different that external ones and...
  • Hi msaad3 , 

    I wouldn't prefer to use the vCMP for this. 

    May route domainsis good to leverage using same ip address space between route domains , but Route domains is commonly used to isolate depending on application nature , but it's an option as well. 

    I prefer to make ( external & internal ) on the same VS not with 2 different VS: 
    I prefer that to narrow the scope of troubleshooting scope and objects at problems , for me I worked with virtual servers serves both ( External & internal ) it was very easy to handle and troubleshoot. 

    I see it's not that complex to rely on Route domains or vCMPs in my opinon.