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Jul 19, 2011

create a pool with members

For some reason I will hit these walls every once in a while as I have to keep wrapping my head around the best way to implement something with pycontrol.




I am trying to figure out the best way to create a pool with multiple members. I have built a web service that I want to be able to make call to create a pool with 1 or more members. The problem I am having is how do you feed in the member ip port definitions via a web call?



I can do this fine with what I will call a one off type script.. However, I need to instantiate an instance of a Common.IPPortDefinition for each member in a single call. I am sure this is not rocket science but this is where I am lacking in development experience. I am looking to get this to work dynamicall regardless of how many members are passed or pools.....



I am referring to something like this :


member1= b.LocalLB.PoolMember.typefactory.create('Common.IPPortDefinition')


member2= b.LocalLB.PoolMember.typefactory.create('Common.IPPortDefinition')



If anyone can point me in the right direction that would be great. One thing I have learned as I have been building stuff with pycontrol is that once I see the correct logic, I usually think wow that is so simple while I was trying to re-invent the wheel :)



love pycontrol and python in general!




thanks for any help


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  • is feeding the members in as a list and then do some for loop logic in my web service the best way to do this or is the something better?
  • getting closer but this is probably not the best way to go about it:




    I can do something like this to create multiple IPPortDefinition and then wrap into another instance with sequence and call create pool


    l=[ p.typefactory.create('Common.IPPortDefinition') for count in xrange(2)]




    for x,y in zip(l,ip):















    lb_methods="LB_METHOD_DYNAMIC_RATIO "





    I know this is very ugly but the only purpose was to understand if I could create multiple instances and then create a pool with multiple members in a single web call using the create method. I can use this method to work with any call regardless of how many members there are or whatever. In the web call I will have to be able to feed in ips as a list and maybe do some work to clean it up. I think the biggest issue is my lack of experience with object orientation..... Once I clean everything up and get it to work via an http call to my web service, I will post back...





    If anyone has a better way please post away as I am probably re-inventing the wheel here ...........



  • Andy: have a look here for a helper function that will hopefully be of some value.




    For the impatient, here it is 🙂


    def member_factory(b, member):
        Produces a Common.IPPortDefinition object per member ip:port combination
        object per member ip:port combination. Add these to Common.IPPortDefinitionSequence.
        args: a pycontrol LocalLB.PoolMember object and an ip:port
        combination that you'd like to add.
        ip,port = member.split(':')
        pmem = b.LocalLB.PoolMember.typefactory.create('Common.IPPortDefinition')
        pmem.address = ip
        pmem.port = int(port)
        return pmem
    Note how the positional arguments are laid out: one is the BIGIP object, the other is ip:port combination you want to create the IPPortDefinition from. Fom here you could do something like (not tested, free form code below!):


    members = ['','','']
    ipport_objects = [member_factory(b, x) for x in members]


    Hope this helps!


    -- Matt
  • Sorry for delay in response. Yeah that is cleaner way to do this with a helper method in the same class. This makes the code easier and less clunky looking. I would rather


    take time to write it in the best way possible then be left with this mass of code that works but is not efficient and not to mention a beast to understand for anyone else.




    thanks for your help