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Jan 18, 2023

Create 500+ VIPs

I have a large number (500+) of VSs, pool, nodes, etc. that I need to create as part of a migration.  I have all the data in Excel which defines the object names, addresses, ports, etc.  What method(s) have others used in the past?  We are also implementing BIG-IQ centalized management that may help.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  

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  • smh008 Is this migration from F5 to F5 or from another vendor to F5? If this is F5 to F5 you can go to the CLI and use the list ltm command and other list commands to gather the data. Once you have all the command output you can put them into one flat file and save that file to the /shared/tmp directory. Please keep in mind that the list output will most likely have created on, last updated, and index numbers in the configuration output and that will have to be removed because it could cause issues with existing configuration. Once you have that file you can run the following command to create the entirty of the configuration. Do not forget to add on merge to the end of the command otherwise you could erase your current F5 configuration. Once you have that configuration in place you can sync your F5 BIG-IPs to the BIG-IQ and ensure that you resolve any conflicts by using the F5 BIG-IP configuration and not the BIG-IQ otherwise you will erase your BIG-IO configuration and replace it with the BIG-IQ configuration. Sadly the BIG-IQ doesn't really make massive amount of configuration changes easily unless it's a shared configuration which usually isn't virtual servers and what not. If this is not coming from many BIG-IPs to one BIG-IP and it's a different vendor you will have to use some scripting to parse through all your data to get it into the correct format.

    load sys config file /shared/tmp/<name_of_file> merge


    • This is the way. Just take the old bigip.conf, change everything you need to change and do a load sys config merge. 

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    That's what I was thinking.

    This will be F5 to F5, but the VLANs and naming conventions will be different so it's going to take a bit of massaging the config file.

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      smh008 If you know what the conversion is you should be able to create a backup using the following and just do a find replace to the appropriate names. I don't believe the SCF file saves index numbers and all that so this might be the ideal route for you if you intend on configuring the entire device from scratch or even just pieces of the configuration. You would still create the file and use the merge command provided earlier.

    • Hi,

      I gonna explain to you the best way to do this migration:

      1. First export the master key from the old unit to the new one, using f5mku -K to read the master key in the old device and then using f5mku -r "old master key" in the new device. 

      2. Download a backup on your device and open it with 7zip, open in configuration the bigip_base.conf and replace the management IP of all devices with the new one, save the change in the text editor, and re-build the backup with 7ZIP " this is automatic after changing a file"

      3. Load the backup in the new device excluding the license and platform check using the cli, tmsh load sys ucs no-license no-platform-check

      4.Solve all the possible conflics review tha fails with tmsh load sys config, it could be name of the interfaces, trunks, etc.

      5.After the configuration in the new device are ok, download using winscp the files Bigip.conf and Bigip_base.conf, in the first one you could edit all the names for the services, and on the second one, you could edit all the network parameters.

      With this model you could migrate all the topics from the all device to the new one, and you can avoid many mistakes in the process.

      Hope it´s work.