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Sep 06, 2011

Cookie persistence Issue

We are running version 10.1 on a BigIP LTM and I have created a VIP using the default cookie persistence method.


The question has been posed to me by the application folks.


If all the pool members but one for this VIP have been disabled will the BigIP still insert a cookie?


We are having issues when there is more than one active pool member and the application people think this may be an issue with the BigIP changing header variables when inserting the cookie.


If we disable all but one pool member then there are no problems.


When a user accesses the site they are redirected to a different URL to be authenticated and once authenticated they are redirected back to the original website and this is where the problem tends to appear.


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  • Hi Ten,



    You can test this fairly easily with curl:



    curl -v



    LTM will set a persistence cookie any time a load balancing decision has been made regardless of how many pool members are up.



    Is the authentication URL on the same fully qualified domain name? If not, is it on the same domain? Does the authentication URL go to the same virtual server?



    Do you have a OneConnect profile enabled on the virtual server? If you're using SNAT you can use the default OneConnect profile with a /0 source mask. If you're not using SNAT then configure a custom OneConnect profile with a /32 source mask. See this OneConnect wiki page for details: