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Sep 02, 2018

Consolidating from hardware to iSeries/vCMP - Duplicate VLAN Names

We are in the process of consolidating 8 hardware devices down into 4 iSeries boxes running vCMP. I'm reading up about the new platform-migrate option introduced in 12.1.3. The challenge I believe I'm going to run into is all 8 hardware boxes have duplicate vlan names. Example: All 8 have lb-external and lb-ha VLANs. They also have an interface bundle called sync-failover-trunk. Has anyone dealt with this or have any suggestions on stragtegies to migrate our configuration.


Loading an archive using tmsh Migration to newer devices running software version 12.1.3, or later, ignores the following configuration objects. If your configuration includes dependencies on any of these objects, you must reconfigure them on the new device before you load the UCS file onto that device. Important: You must reconfigure the following objects on the new target device to use the same names as the objects on the source device before you load the UCS file onto that device Interfaces, Interface bundles, Management IP address, Management route


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  • Are the VLANs using the same VLAN IDs? If as are they the same VLANs or on different physical networks?


    If not then simply rename the VLANs.


    If migrating from one hardware platform to another I always do the base setup fresh on the new devices and don’t try to load a UCS from the old one.


    Also remember you can now share a lot of networking using vCMP as things like the trunk used for HA and sync can be shared even if you have a VLAN per guest.


    Once you have the base device and networking setup on your new devices and guests then you can look at importing all the LTM, DNS or any other module configuration. You can do this is several ways, using SCF or UCS and extracting the parts you need or simply taking a copy of the configuration files you need and merge them into the new devices.


    Finally checkout BIGDiff by Leo Souza great tool when migrating or upgrading devices to check the number of objects and the state is the same.