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Sep 07, 2023

connections without transactions continue to enter F5 and create a full session in the pool

hi everyone

I have a question from a customer where the end device (pool member) is experiencing a full session because there are many empty connections without transactions entering the pool member so that the device experiences a full session and it is analyzed that the source IP to the pool is self IP F5 which is F5. using the FastL4 protocol, is there a way or configuration so that F5 can reset or disconnect the empty connection or is there another more effective way to solve my problem?

Thank You

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  • Hi Margvin , 

    Check your tcp profile which assigned to your virtual server ( in the client and server sides ) and check idle timeout intervals , you should set a suitable time ranges the default should be 300 sec == 5 mins for the connection to be idle. 

    Please review this article too :

    Also this an important article for idle sessions definations : 
    it's important to keep all objects and profiles with suitable idle timeout like ( TCP profiles , SNAT ) which I think you're using in your current deployment.