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Oct 08, 2011

Connection history for a virtual server

I'd like to implement something that keeps connection history for each virtual server. The purpose being to have a way to determine the low traffic points for each VS and thereby the best time to work on them.



I've used HSL to implement connection logging for purposes of recording which server each client was sent to so presumably if I sent that to the right package I could graph or table the info to get what I want.



Good solution? What package would graph the log input for me?



Is there a better solution with SNMP or iControl?




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  • is this OID usable?

    Name: ltmVirtualServStatClientCurConns

    OID: .

    Descr: The current connections from client-side to the specified virtual server.

    [root@iris:Active] config  snmpwalk -v 2c -c public localhost F5-BIGIP-LOCAL-MIB::ltmVirtualServStatClientCurConns
    F5-BIGIP-LOCAL-MIB::ltmVirtualServStatClientCurConns."bar" = Counter64: 0
    F5-BIGIP-LOCAL-MIB::ltmVirtualServStatClientCurConns."wildcard" = Counter64: 0

    By the way, there is AVR module in v11.

    This release introduces BIG-IP Analytics, also known as Application Visibility and Reporting (AVR). Analytics is a module on the BIG-IP® system that lets you analyze performance of web applications. It provides detailed metrics such as transactions per second, server latency, page load time, request and response throughput, and sessions. You can view metrics for applications, virtual servers, pool members, URLs, specific countries, and additional detailed statistics about an application. You can use the Configuration utility filters to configure which traffic the system captures, publishes and analyzes.

    Release Note: BIG-IP Analytics version 11.0.0

  • I'll try the MIB though it will probably be a couple of days as I've got a priority ASA/VPN config at the front of the queue.



    We're upgrading to 1600s partially so we can run v11. The AVR feature looks quite interesting.



  • If you don't need details on each HTTP request/response or connection, I'd use Nitass's suggestion for polling the virtual server connections via SNMP. This should be a more efficient option than using HSL.