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Jul 16, 2012

Configuring Exchange 2010 to redirect LDAP traffic through the F5?

My customer is planning to load balance LDAP in their environment using their F5. The question was asked on whether it was possible to redirect Exchange 2010 server LDAP traffic through the F5.



Does anyone know what change I would need to make on the Exchange 2010 servers to take advantage of this? I know that you can configure Exchange to use a static Domain Controller but the Exchange DSAccess service performs additional checks other than just LDAP over port 389. Does anyone know if this is supported?

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  • Kelly,



    As someone who works almost exclusively on Exchange and F5 LTM I'd have to say no. The Exchange servers run a topology discovery service that discovers and rates GCs in the site every so often. In my opinion it is best to allow Exchange to balance this load accordingly. I'd have to assume the customer is seeing a higher-than-normal load on one of their GCs and thinks this means they should load balance. If this is the case, in my opinion, they should do some diagnostics on the AD side and see if there is anything wrong on that end.