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Nov 03, 2020

Configured Listener IPs (Virtual Server IPs) not accessible from outside.

I have configured BIGIP VE devices as HA cluster with 3 NICs on openstack.( Mgmt, HA, traffic). Traffic interface is configured to receive the DNS queries and connect to Root DNS too for query resolution. I have allocated one selfIP and one VIP on traffic interface and configured two listeners (TCP, UDP) with same IP behind this and IPs allocated from same subnet pool.


Both selfIP and traffic VIP is pingable from gateway but lisener IP is not pingable from gateway. Listener IP is pingable on virtual machine console itself.


When trying to ping Lisener IP, the ARP request is received and responded back by LTM VM but that ARP response not coming out of VM and reaching to gateway. So listener IP is not accessible to fire the query. Any pointers?

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