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Feb 03, 2023

Configuration Utility Login Timeout

Do you guys know what is the login timeout config for Config Utility? I've found that on SSH, it is LoginGraceTime under sshd.conf.

Is it in the httpd or elsewhere?

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      No, that is for when you are already logged in. What I am looking for is the time out when you type in your credentials, then authenticate to an ISE server. That's the timeout I need.

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        for example when you create a tacacs for tmsh , you have a timeout you can set:

        (tmos)# create auth tacacs system-auth ?

        accounting If multiple TACACS+ servers are defined and pluggable authentication module (PAM) session accounting is enabled, sends accounting start and stop packets
        to the first available server or to all servers. The default value is send-to-first-server.
        app-service The application service that the object belongs to.
        authentication Specifies the process the system employs when sending authentication requests. The default is use-first-server. use-first-server specifies that the
        system sends authentication requests to only the first server in the list. use-all-servers specifies that the system sends an authentication request to
        each server until authentication succeeds, or until the system has sent a request to all servers in the list.
        debug Enables syslog-ng debugging information at LOG DEBUG level. Not recommended for normal use. The default value is disabled.
        description User defined description.
        encryption Enables or disables encryption of TACACS+ packets. Recommended for normal use. The default value is enabled.
        protocol Specifies the protocol associated with the value specified in the service option, which is a subset of the associated service being used for client
        authorization or system accounting.
        secret Sets the secret key used to encrypt and decrypt packets sent or received from the server. This option is required.
        servers Specifies a host name or IP address for the TACACS+ server. This option is required. Possible values are a user-specified string, and none. You must
        specify a server when you create a TACACS+ configuration object.
        service Specifies the name of the service that the user is requesting to be authenticated to use. Identifying the service enables the TACACS+ server to behave
        differently for different types of authentication requests. This option is required.
        timeout Specifies the connect timeout in seconds