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Sep 08, 2014

configuration problems on LTM 3600

hi,there! i met a tough problem on LTM configuration recently.


i need to configure a LTM to make it worked with one server which was opening two port 8016 and 8023,i call it server A in this case .


network configuration


first of all, i created a server vlan 137 and a external vlan 125 on LTM,both of the two vlans and their gateway existed on the Switchs which was connecting to LTM , then i configured a self ip of server vlan other self ip of external vlan,a default route ,next hop was external vlan.


local traffic configuration


i added the server IP as the nodes ,and the healthy monitor was icmp, then i had them joined into a pool which named server_poolA, server A's Ip address was and its port was 8016 ,another port was 8023,and the state of the pool was green .


i configured a vs which have the same ip address to the ip of Server A ,the port of the vs was 8016 .then i configured the default persistence profile as source_addr,the SNAT as Automap, the pool as server_poolA,the connection profile as oneconnect profile.


i thinked it should work well at first,but it was out of my prediction,when i login into the server with but it was always playing a joke with me ,sometimes it works well, but sometimes the broswer can not open the server.




could someone please help me to find out the problem on my configuration . thanks.


can i set a ip address of a vs to has the same ip to a pool member?


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  • Hi, you must use different ip addresses for vs and pool nodes. I think you issue is ip address overlapping.


  • I'm not so sure its that, should work fine with SNAT enabled.


    Perhaps Cookie Persistence would work better? Are you sure your clients are not sharing an IP through a proxy upstream somewhere?


  • Depending on your local network, this setup may not work due to duplicate IP addressing. Your server and LTM could both be responding to ARP requests for the IP address, causing the inconsistent behavior you are seeing.


    Can you post your virtual server and pool configurations? Also, where do the servers sit in relation to the LTM? Locally connected or is routing necessary for the LTM to reach the servers?


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      im sorry ,because of the time difference ,it's not convenient for me to upload my LTM configuration,i will upload it tomorrow morning,or you can mail me ,my email is thanks again.