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Feb 24, 2011

Config SYNC BIG-IP LTM ver 10.2

Is there any risk executing the sync configurarion in the BIG-IP LTM ver 10.2?, Is there any performance issue with this?.



I have an active-passive configuration attending a transactional environment.



Some recommendations???.






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  • I normally make changes on the active unit and then sync to the peer. Doing it the other way requires a 'b config install' and a 'b load' on the active unit. I've seen a 'b load' on an active unit affect traffic processing.







  • I do the same thing as Aaron - make changes to active unit and sync to standby. I'll see a CPU rise but I assume that's not TMM impacting.
  • Ok, thank you for the tips....I think it would be better to do it by night when the volume traffic decremts. Regards..