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May 02, 2012

Communication Problem between 2 BIGIP VE.....

Hi All,



I am facing an issue with my 2 BIGIP VE machines.



I have 2 BIGIP VE machines which has 3 VLANs configured on both.


1:- O&M


2:- Traffic


3:- Internet



The machines itself are in the O&M VLANs. but we have configured traffic & Internet VLANs also in the machines.



Now the issue is that from BIGIP1, I am not able to ping the traffic & internet VLANs internal IPs of BIGIP2. Same thing is happening for BIGIP1 when I trying to ping the IPs from BIGIP2.



As I have checked all VLANs, routes, interfaces etc are configured correct.



Pls help me resolve this issue.


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  • Hello:



    A few questions to assist in trouble shooting.....



    Are these two hosts on the same ESX(i) host?


    Do these Two BIG-IPs have the same vSwitch Port Groups assigned to the same interfaces?


    If these are on different ESX(i) hosts then are the Physical NICs connected to SwitchPorts that have the proper VLAN tagging configured?