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Apr 08, 2011


Does LTM support Comet technology or have a similar mechanism to ?


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  • Can you create a support ticket for this?



    I'd imagine we have something similar. Let me know what support says.
  • i've seen comet is listed in internal new technology website but never saw its document.



    i think contacting product management or pre-sale team may be better than creating a support ticket.


  • Here's a post with some info as well:





  • Aaron - the second 2 questions in that thread went unanswered - is that just a matter of leveraging OneConnect?
  • I have already seen that post.One of our project teams came with a comet solution , and I have seen comet support on servlet 3.0 specification.So I came with the question .



  • Hi Ysungur,



    It would save some effort if you could point out the info you've already found and whether or not you still have questions.



    Are you wondering how LTM would handle Comet based applications? If so, they'd work, but probably not reduce the number of serverside connections. There might be an iRule option to make this more efficient. I suggest contacting your local F5 SE or partner to get more information on this.



  • I have heard abpout comet at one of the project meetings .I just googled that and had seen that netscaler had a solution for comet technology, netscaler push they call it, which optimizes the serverside connection numbers .This reminds me oneconnect feature of F5 .What I would like to know is , whether F5 has sonme advantages for Comet connections , or oneconnect is already working with that?


    thanks hoolio,