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Oct 25, 2023

Clock skew alerts exceeding threshold value

Hello All,

 I am getting frequent alerts for one of our LTM boxes.
The alerts basically says, device has clock skew of 360 (sometimes 380,400) seconds exceeding the configured threshold value of 300 seconds.

Can anyone help me understand where can I check/modify this threshold value?
What's causing these alerts?
TAC mentions me the device is not synced to NTP server, and I have checked all possible solutions, but this is not helping me

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  • HI,
    Out of interest, physical or virtual (VE) F5's?
    NTP Config needs to be many 4+ I normally work on 4-6 in most deployments.

    My though is if this is a VE, it might be showing that the underlying host has the issue not the f5 and for example if its been vmotioned on a vmware platform the first the os does is get host time before the NTP service can kick in and try to fix it.

    If the host is to far out the ntp service just wont be able to bring it back into scope, which is possibly what you are seeing.