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May 03, 2012

Clearing Persistent Connections

What iControl method should I call to clear persistent connections on a Node?


I tried calling iControl.LocalLB.Pool.delete_persistence_record() but that deletes all connections under a Pool and I only want to delete connections for specific Nodes under a Pool.


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  • Hi Kent,



    Here are a couple of related posts:






  • I tried the instructions from those links but it still didn't clear our current connections on the Node. I have two servers (Nodes) under a Pool and I'm pulling one server (Node) out o service but I still see connections on the Overview->Statistics->Local Traffic->Persistent Records page. This seems like it should be very easy to just clear connections for a specific Node.



    Does anyone else have any ideas on how to clear connections for a specific Node?
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    Hi Kent,



    I'm not sure if you can do this directly with iControl. The available methods do not allow you to delete by specifying the pool member/node address. You could remove the member from the pool and re-add it after a couple of seconds.



    Also, you should be able to clear the entries through SSH by using the following TMSH command:




    tmsh delete ltm persistence persist-record node-addr x.x.x.x