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Aug 17, 2022

Clarification on cloud API endpoint


I'm looking to get some clarification for an API endpoint that's been confusing me.

Is the cloud portion of this API endpoint: "/mgmt/tm/cloud" related to any specific resource or product on the F5 Big-IP? For instance, for the "/mgmt/tm/gtm" endpoint, the gtm portion is directly related to global traffic manager/DNS. Or, "/mgmt/tm/asm" the asm endpoint is directly related to the application security resource.

If I curl "/mgmt/tm" I see some cloud endpoints come back but I don't know what resource those belong to.

If it helps, I'm specifically looking for what product or resource would provide the endpoint for these two cloud endpoints for monitoring purposes:


Any help or insight would be appreciated. Thanks!

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  • I've come to learn that this appears to be a remnant from iWorkflow. It was deprecated at least by 14.1, perhaps earlier. Support cases asking about it state that the endpoint is only accessible by admin and not to be used. If you don't explicitly need it for an ancient iWorkflow function, you can ignore it..