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Mar 29, 2018

Citrix HTML5 client does not work (CTX134123 error)

I’m struggling getting to connect our Citrix 7.13 XenApp and XenDesktop farm through the BIG-IP using Citrix’s HTML5 receiver

I’m new to the F5 BIG-IP.

I can connect to the virtual server on the BIG-IP from within our internal network just fine! I can log on, my desktop is opened and all applications are available and I can start them all.

But whatever I do, when I start the session (HTML5 client) from the internet (home PC) I can log on but immediately get the message: ‘Citrix Receiver cannot create a secure connection in this browser. Please refer to Citrix Knowledge Center article CTX134123’. I do see all available applications, but when I try to start one of them I get the same error.

The Citrix article does not offer help.

I think some kind of network traffic isn’t working through the BIG-IP (because I don’t see this problem when I connect from the internal network)

I’ve implemented the iApp using with most default settings, except:

In general:

    No, do not proxy ICA traffic and authenticate users with the BIG-IP

In Virtual Server for Web Interface or StoreFront servers:

    Terminate SSL for clients, re-encrypt to Citrix servers (SSL bridging)

    The ip address that clients will use is the external ip BIG-IP (virtual Server) address

    The Citrix environment uses StoreFront 3.0

    BIG-IP virtual servers are on the same subnet as the StoreFront servers

In Virtual Server for XML Broker or Desktop Delivery Controller (DDC) Servers:

    BIG-IP virtual server in relation to your XML Broker or DDC servers?   Same subnet for the      virtual server and the XML Broker 

In ICA Traffic:

    How will ICA traffic travel between the clients and the ICA servers?   BIG-IP system acts as     gateway (router) to the ICA server network

    Which VLANs should accept ICA traffic?   ICA traffic is allowed from all VLANs 

I'v implemented the citrix html5 client bundle on the BIG-IP

Any help you can offer will be greatly appreciated! Kind regards, Paul