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Mar 22, 2012

checking either or receive string in http monitors

I have a http monitor which currently uses



GET /id/login.jsp HTTP/1.0\r\n for send string and checks for




Identity for receive string.




This is going to be changed sometime this weekend and I need to change the receive string to Manager.




I am wondering if I could use something like "Identity or "Manager" so that way I can change the monitor ahead of time.




Another work around would be to create a new monitor and enable both and change the availability requirement to at least 1.






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  • Hi Meena,



    I think some of the strings in your post were stripped. If you had text within angle brackets you can get them to render by putting spaces between the text and brackets: < text >.



    In general, the receive string can be a regex. So you could use a receive string like:






    Your other idea of configuring two monitor with a minimum successful count of 1 would work nicely as well.



  • Thank you Aaron. I used the format






    and it works fine.