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Aug 08, 2023

check may fail to detect Kaspersky Internet Security Anti-Virus

Our Kaspersky Anti virus had expired, I extended the Database to 60 days , but some domain users systems are failing the client check while some systems are connected. 97272f5: session.check_softwar...
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    Aug 09, 2023


    Some AV products have started to require Privilege escalation to Check Last Scan date and other state information. On Microsoft Windows this is done by an optional component "Inspector Service" that may not be installed or running.

    Recommended Actions

    Check that "Inspector Service" is installed and running

    1. Type "services" in the windows search bar to launch the services GUI
    2. Once the "Services(Local)" are displayed, scroll down and check the ones starting with F5
    3. Check that "F5 Networks Inspector Service" is shown as running (f5InspectorService.exe).
    4. If it is shown but not running, you should try to restart the service.
    5. If it is not shown, re-install the Edge Client with the service included as below