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Feb 10, 2024

Changing the VS IP of DR Site to Production IP

Hi, Requesting your guidance.   We are planning to replicate the VSIP of production device to our DR device. I'm wondering if this will cause a IP conflict. If I will disable the ARP and ICMP of ...
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    Feb 12, 2024

    I still don't quite get your environment, do you perhaps a drawing?


    You write about a production and disaster recovery IP, are those for virtual servers or self IP addresses of the BIG-IP?



    I sort of expect something like this.

    There is a production BIG-IP with virtual server with IP address You want that same IP address on the disaster recovery BIG-IP so that if the production BIG-IP fails you can enable it on disaster recovery BIG-IP. For that to work you would have to add the virtual IP on the disaster recovery BIG-IP but disabled and not responding to pings. Then afterwards you can add the rest of the virtual server configuration.


    One question I still have is why the setup with a production and disaster recovery BIG-IP? Create a cluster and you have a way better way to handle one system breaking down.