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Dec 21, 2011

Change limits of log throttling




I am learning about iRules and using lots of logging statements to help explain what is going on and trace logic flow.



Occasionally I run into the message "Per-invocation log rate exceeded; throttling." I understand the need to throttle logging, and I have seen sol10524: Error Message: Per-invocation log rate exceded.



sol10524 explains what the limits currently are, and indicates that certain classes of messages will have log throttling removed. But it says nothing about how to work around message throttling or increase throttle limits.



Is there a way to change the limits at which log rate throttling occurs? I would like to increase it, at least while debugging iRules.






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  • Note: There is a significant behavioral difference when the optional facility.level is specified. When iRule logs messages without the facility and/or level, they are rate-limited as a class and subsequently logged messages within the rate-limit period may be suppressed even though they are textually different. However, when the facility and/or level are specified, the log messages are not rate-limited (though syslog-ng will still perform suppression of repeated duplicates).


    log wiki

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    Thanks Nitass.



    I had been using log "message". Now if I use log local0. "message" it works perfectly.
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    Keep in mind that log statements, while minor, do add overhead in production. You'll likely want to trim down the amount of logging done before rolling things from Dev to Prod.



    For now though, nitass' comment is right on the money. The log facility will make all the difference in the limiting of the messages.