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Aug 04, 2023

Change default cookie insert name

Is there any possibility to change the default cookie name (BIGipServer) for a cookie insert persistence profile? We want to use a standard cookie insert profile across several virtual servers, but avoiding the name "BIGipServer". But we still need the "" as a dynamic variable. Is there some variable syntax available for the cookie name field or can we modify the default "BIGipServer" string? Or is this somewhere hardcoded in the OS? Thank you! Regards Stefan 🙂

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  • Looks like you can set the cookie name when creating a custom cookie profile.

    The example below is running v15.1


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      Ben_Novak yes I know this, but I'm looking for a generic cookie insert persistence profile, which I can use for several different VS, but where the cookie name will be generated dynamically based on the pool-name like for the default cookie profile. But I don't want to have the prefix "BIGipServer" included for security reasons.
      Thank you!

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        They you will probably need to configure that in a Local Traffic Policy or iRule.

        However, having the cookie name change can be problematic for standardizing app/web server configs, or whatever is reading the cookie. 

        Since security is the driving factor here, I suggest having a standard/simple cookie name, but encoding all the details you want in the value of the cookie.   Then you can encrypt/encode/secure all the details as needed.